New music and arts festival set to make Gloucester GLOW!

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A newly-branded music and arts festival is set to help Gloucester recover and ‘GLOW’ again after the pandemic.

GLOW Festival is being run by local musicians and artistic directors Vicki and Sebastian Field. The husband and wife duo have run the Gloucester Music Festival for the last five years, but have now decided to rebrand this festival as GLOW.

The festival will run from Friday October 1st to Sunday October 3rd 2021, and will include live events in local venues. These will be run in accordance with any measures that are still in place by that time, together with some online events which will be streamed around that time.

Vicki Field said: ‘We are delighted to be bringing our festival back but also to give it this refresh. We will once again be bringing local artists to Gloucester venues to entertain and delight audiences’.

Sebastian Field added ‘The name for the festival comes from the Anglo Saxon term for Gloucester, ‘Caer Glow’ or ‘City of Light’, and with everyone needing some added glow right now we thought it was very appropriate for the times. We look forward to an exciting and varied programme.

Vicki Field ? 07812 669870 Sebastian Field ? 07739 91051