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In our age of smartphones and instant gratification it’s all too easy to miss the good stuff: sunsets, beaches, fresh air, people, time…

Communication devices can be a force for good in keeping us in touch with people and making us aware of things quicker. But they can also be a distraction and a time-waster.

We’re trying to reduce our devotion to email and the rest, and starting to look again at the world, making sure we really see what’s there, and has been there all along.

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  1. Jean williams

    Thank you for an interesting site. Can you say where the concerts are being held this year yet please? Thank you , Jean Williams

    1. cre@tivefield

      Dear Jean,

      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately all our events are cancelled for the next few months but when things return to normal our usual venue will be St Mary de Crypt Church Gloucester.

      Best wishes,

      Creative Field

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