We are very grateful to David and Henrietta Butler for donating their piano. It is now owned by Seb and Vicki Field but we are loaning it to St Mary de Crypt for use in the church.

The specifications of the piano are as follows:

Grotrian Steinweg Model 200 – Serial No: 64327 – Year 1937

Length – 78 inches : Width – 58 inches – Keyboard : Width – 60 inches – Lid Height – 39 inches
Legs – 72 inches – Front to Back: Legs – 53 inches – Side to side

The piano is locked with a key to prevent unauthorised use, but access for musicians can be arranged with the church.

Though we do not normally charge a hire fee for use of the piano, if you are using the piano for an event that will raise a lot of money, we hope you will consider a donation to the church in lieu of a hire fee.

The piano is tuned several times a year. However, if you wish to arrange an extra tuning before your event, please arrange this with the piano tuner and the church.

Please see the guidance below about movement of the piano.

The piano tuner we use is Keith Harrison: tel 01432 352540, mobile 07443 948094, email k.harrison54@hotmail.com. It is essential that only Keith Harrison tunes the piano, for continuity.

The church can be contacted via mail@discoverdecrypt.org.uk.

Some guidelines for use

  • If borrowing a key, please return it after use and remember to re-lock the piano, and put the cover back on
  • Please make sure your hands are clean when playing the piano, and do not eat or drink over the instrument 
  • Please do not put anything on the piano
  • The ivories are liable to break off – please do not panic if this happens! Just make a note and leave the ivory on the keyboard.
  • Please do not move the piano outside its normal channels (from its niche by the toilets, into the church nave) without express permission. We have found that moving it over the uneven surface around the pillar often puts it out of tune. It costs £60+ to tune the piano each time.
  • Especially please avoid moving the piano over the heating grills as it might get stuck.

Seb and Vicki Field
November 2023